WainscotingAre you thinking of redecorating? Whether you want to spruce up your home, redefine the look of your restaurant, or redesign the hallways in your hotel, you would be surprised at just how useful wainscoting is for creating a variety of different effects. Here are a few ways this innovative decorating technique can lend charm and warmth to any room or corridor.

When considering wainscoting, most typically begin by choosing the material that will compliment your wall. Some choose hardwoods or wood paneling for a natural look, while others turn to vinyl borders for their extreme longevity as well as their wide range of colors and textures, including imitation wood. Other materials include plywood, embossed metal, plastics, ceramics, and more. You can even fashion your wainscoting to match adjacent doorways or windows.

Of course, you shouldn’t choose your wainscoting material simply on aesthetics alone. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Wood, for example, comes in a diverse assortment of beautiful hues and textures, but it scratches, stains, and fades over time, requiring polish and buffing as regular maintenance. Vinyl wainscoting, on the other hand, requires very little upkeep at all. Keep in mind the room you’re installing the wainscoting as well. For example, if you plan on installing one in your kitchen, using heat sensitive materials such as wood or ceramics may not be a wise idea.

Once you’ve chosen your wainscoting, the real fun begins. After all, the best part of wainscoting is getting to choose two contrasting colors or patterns to use above and below the border. What is installed below the wainscoting is known as the beadboard. Some elegant ideas include using striped patterns below with a solid color above, or a dark, solid color below with a quirky floral wallpaper above. Either way, you’re sure to create an eye catching space that will work well with the rest of your decorative plans.

Regardless of your reason for redecorating, investing in high quality materials is the key to enjoying newly decorated rooms for years to come. Consult any local home improvement store, such as Lowes or Home Depot, today regarding information on price ranges and wainscoting kits that can make the process that much easier. While it’s possible to install most types of wainscoting, when it comes to handling sensitive materials such as hardwoods, sometimes it’s best to involve professionals. While this may be expensive, it’s worth it in the long run as your room or corridor slowly comes to life. Learn more today about how this gorgeous decorative technique can not only make your home beautiful, but actually protect busier areas such as hallways and kitchens, making your walls last much longer!

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