Bead Board

When it comes to wainscoting, one of the most interesting components you can add to your home decorating is the bead board. Available in lots of different materials, patterns, and styles, this is what truly draws the eye when it comes to making your walls truly unique.

Regardless of whether you’re decorating your home, an office building, a restaurant, or a hotel, wainscoting provides a wealth of aesthetic and practical benefits for any building. While the contrast of colors and textures creates an interesting way to bring your decorative planning to an organic whole, the bead board itself acts as an additional protective layer, which can be useful for busier areas such as stairways, hallways, and kid’s rooms.

Of course, some materials are more durable than others. Vinyl, for example, is renowned for being quite durable, scratch resistant, stain proof, and fade proof, while ceramic tends to chip and crack over time and wood requires polish and regular cleaning to keep it looking new. The type of material you choose depends largely on your own preferences, your budget, and your willingness to provide upkeep. To save on money, try purchasing materials from their wholesale source rather than from your local retail home improvement store.

What is a bead board made from? There are a variety of materials to choose from, including hardwoods, ceramic, vinyl, and many more. Typically these materials are cut into carefully measured planks and arranged vertically, though some homeowners prefer a horizontal look. The bead board can be one solid color, matching the wainscoting itself for a nicely uniform look, or it can be used to create a delightful pinstripe effect that compliments and contrasts with the solid painted upper portion of the wall.

A bead board is created using more than just this style, however, Square shapes are also a popular fit. These include recessed panels, raised panels, and even embossed panels for a more baroque look. Again, these can be painted the same color as adjacent doorways, window sills, and cornices for an eye catching look that nevertheless draws attention to other areas of the room.

These are only a few ways that a bead board ideas┬ácan enhance your decorating. Whether you’re going for a classical look, a country quaint appearance, or you simply want the subtle elegance of shape and patterns, wainscoting is a great way to add a new twist to any room. Learn more today about how bead boards can benefit you!