Chair Rail Molding

Are you interested in adding chair rail molding to your living room or dining room? This simple, yet elegant decorative technique is an ideal addition to almost any room. Here are a few ways having a chair rail in a your room can benefit you.

Why is chair rail modeling such an interesting commodity? For one, it provides a simple way to add dimension to a room without using much time or resources. Installation is simple, fast, and relatively affordable. Depending on the materials you use, investing in just chair rail molding shouldn’t cost much either, even if you choose to use expensive exotic hardwoods. However, if you are new to the installation process or if measurements aren’t your forte, it may be a good idea to have a professional install it for you. This will prevent any costly mistakes.

Chair rail molding is one of the most simple wainscoting techniques. By installing it, you divide the room horizontally, creating a tidy border effect that in itself is simple, yet elegant. It also helps draw the eye to other decorations, appliances, and even furniture. If the chair rail molding is big enough, you can even rest objects or prop furniture against it.

Chair rail modeling comes in a variety of different shapes, widths and sizes, ranging from simple to ornate. Depending on how your walls are painted or wallpapered, you can end up making a variety of subtle statements. In addition to bisecting the room, chair rails are useful for creating a sort of decorative paneling on its own. Rather than installing real panels, simply create borders against the wall using solely chair rail modeling. This makes a particularly dramatic effect if the walls are pale and the chair railing is of a dark hue. 

These are only a few ways you can decorate your home with chair rail modeling. Whether you’re looking to create a simple effect or a more dramatic one, this is a subtle, unique way of sprucing up any room in your home. When choosing your chair rail materials, however, be sure to choose substances that will last a considerable amount of time, especially if you plan on installing them in busy areas. This will ensure that your chair railing lasts for years to come. Some prime examples of such materials include sturdy hardwoods or vinyl. Learn more today! You’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll come up with