Chair Rail

Are you interested in adding a new dimension to your room? Whether you’re tired of your bland, plain walls or you simply want a guide for arranging furniture, a chair rail is a great addition to any room. By allowing this horizontal border to circumference your room, you suddenly have the opportunity to try multiple decorating techniques. Here are a few ideas for how you can use a chair real to make a truly unique look.

Regardless of whether you’re redecorating your home, a restaurant, a hospital waiting room, or a hotel, a chair rail is a simple, affordable way to create a variety of different moods. When it comes to installation, the chair rail is one of the easiest forms of wainscoting. Begin by choosing the material for your chair rail. This can be anything from sophisticated hardwoods to durable vinyl. Installation is a simple matter of making your measurements and gluing the chair rail in a way that circumferences the room. That done, you are free to decorate both the top and the bottom of the walls in a variety of different ways.

Once your chair rail is installed, feel free to include a beadboard for the section below. This consists of vertical planks of material glued beneath the chair rail. Some prefer to use the same material as the chair rail and paint it all the same color for a uniform, professional look, while others prefer a pinstriped pattern for something a bit different.

Of course, beadboards aren’t always necessary. Other homeowners simply paint the entire wall the same color with the chair rail splitting it across the middle. This look, while a bit plain, is nevertheless still good for those who prefer single color walls with a bit of texture to them. Others can choose to wallpaper either the top or the bottom portion of the wall for a contrast in textures. However, when doing this, it’s typically a good idea to keep the half that you don’t wallpaper a solid color that compliments your wallpaper. Otherwise you runt he risk of your room looking a bit to garish.

These are only a few chair rail ideas. As you browse, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and designs for your chair rails as well. You can create a variety of different looks, whether you choose a simple piece of wainscoting or an ornate one with lots of curves and designs. Learn more today about how this simple decorating technique can open up a world of possibility!