Chair Rails

Are you thinking of decorating or redesigning your home? Whether you want to add a new touch to your hallway or simply lend a new twist to your living room, chair rails are an ideal way to add a subtle new look to almost any room. Here are a few ideas to consider when decorating with chair rails.

If possible, consider any preexisting decorations before installing your chair rails. You’ll be surprised at just how much of an effect this slight, elegant little touch will have on them. Chair rail models come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, making it difficult not to find one that meets your needs. On a basic level, chair rails add a sense of order to living rooms, bed rooms, and others. Along with bisecting the room horizontally, they also provide a guide in which to arrange furniture and other decorations.

Chair rails are typically at their most dramatic when they are a dark color against a pale background. Whether you decide to keep just the chair rails or to install beadboards or panels beneath it, you’ll see just how much of a statement it makes. It also allows you to expound on your decorating. While it creates a lovely look on its own, it also allows you to choose whether or not you want to leave the walls a solid color, decorate the bottom half with something else, or even add a new look to the top half of the wall, such as a new coat of paint or a section of wallpaper.

A distinct advantage to using beadboards or decorative wall panels beneath the chair rails is that, along with creating a wide assortment of gorgeous decorative effects, it also helps protect the lower half of the wall from the threat of scuff marks, scratches, and worse. This is why the material you choose for your wainscoting is crucial. While most hardwoods are more than able to withstand high traffic areas, they do require some polish and overall upkeep. Vinyl is another material renowned for being durable and reliable.

These are only a few things to consider when picking out your chair rails. If you note that the border along your doorways, floors, or windowsills has a specific pattern, don’t be afraid to mirror it in the chair rails for a nicely uniform look. Learn more today about how chair rails can beautify your home!