Cornices are an elegant, timeless addition to any room. Whether you want to spruce up your hotel foyer or simply make your home living room look a bit more charming, this decorative technique is perfect for lending a baroque mien to your home. Here are a few ways having cornices can benefit you.

Simply put, cornices are the borders commonly seen along the edges of ceilings, though they’ve been used at the tops of windows as well. These horizontal outcroppings are often ornately carved and come in a variety of different materials. These include wood, embossed metal, ceramic, and several others. A common decorative technique involving cornices involves painting them gold for a truly embellished look. Along with drawing the eye, it almost brings to mind the appearance of gilt frames used with classical paintings. If your ceiling is painted or patterned, as some classic Victorian homes are, this may add just the right touch.

If ceiling cornices aren’t for you, they are also popular for windows as well, particularly those that already have unique drapes or blinds. These range from simple wooden ones to cornices with elegant carvings, such as floral shapes or even grapes. One of the fun things about shopping for cornices is finding one that compliments the color and texture of your drapes. After all, while intricately carved borders are a gorgeous addition to any window, there is something to be said about the subtler kinds of cornices for accentuating different textures and colors found in the shades, blinds, or adjacent walls.

Depending on how you decorate the rest of the room, you may decide that you want cornices that match the rest of your wainscoting. This will create a lovely uniform look that allows you to focus more on the shapes the combination of borders and trims create rather than colors and textures. This is particularly useful if other components of your decorating, such as the wallpaper or carpeting, is particularly loud or busy. It will help to lend harmony to what would otherwise be a rather chaotic room.

When it comes to installing cornices, in most cases it’s easy to do it yourself. However, if your decorating plans are particularly difficult or ornate, it may behoove you to hire someone else to install it for you. While this may stretch your budget, it’s better in the long run to ensure that it is installed correctly the first time than to discover you’ve made a mistake that will result in you having to start over again. Learn more about decorating with cornices today!