Wainscoating has been a popular form of home design for centuries. While it began as a way to protect and insulate the walls of the home, these days homeowners appreciate it for its aesthetic properties as well as its practical ones. Here are a few ideas to consider when thinking of decorating with wainscoating.

Whether you’re decorating your home, a restaurant, a hotel, or a hospital, wainscoating can create a wide variety of different looks and moods, from formal and professional to quirky and fun. There are many materials, shapes, and colors to choose from. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do, try drawing inspiration from preexisting decorative elements. For example, let’s say you have a floral wallpaper in your bedroom and you would like to install wainscoating to give your room dimension and depth. Is there a prominent color in the wallpaper that you would like to extenuate? If so, try choosing that color for the wainscoating model and the beadboard beneath. Having a solid color against a floral background not only helps bring out subtler hues in the wallpaper, but it also creates a uniform look around the length of your room.

If you have very little inspiration to draw from, there are some colors that work in practically any room. White is a popular hue regardless of the other colors of the room. Don’t think for a moment that your wainscoating has to be plain, however. By choosing white as your overall color, you are instead bringing focus to the shapes and patterns of the beadboard, as well as the subtle shapes of the wainscoating model and adjacent doorways and windowsills. This can create a very peaceful effect that is perfect for any room, from bedrooms to foyers.

Of course, when it comes to wainscoating, you must be practical as well. Depending on where you are installing the wainscoating, it’s important to consider whether or not the material you use will be able to hold up against busy traffic. This is particularly true for rooms such as hallways, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, where the walls are more prone to having scratches, scuff marks, or stains. For a more practical approach, vinyl wainscoating is a wonderful approach. Durable, stainproof, and built to last, this material is perfect for any home. Learn more useful decorative trips today and see just how imaginative you can be!