Do you wish your room looked more interesting? Do you want to add texture, style, and dimension to your hallways, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more? If this sounds like you, then using wainscot is a wonderful way to create thousands of different looks, from uniformly formal to artistically quirky. Here are a few ideas to consider.

What is wainscot? Essentially, it’s the process of installing a border that splits your room horizontally across its middle. This border can be a variety of different shapes and widths. It can also be made from a variety of different materials, including wood, ceramic, vinyl, and many others. The quality and longevity can depend on the material used. For example, a wainscot that is made from quality hardwood will look great for years to come, while ceramics tend to be a bit more fragile, particularly in high traffic areas such as hallways or kitchens.

A wainscot is more than just the border that divides a room, however. The beadboard consists of the paneled area below the wainscot. Most of the time, you’ll find beadboards crafted from the same material as the wainscot for a formal, uniform look, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. For example, sometimes the wainscot may be crafted from a rich, warm wood, a with vinyl pinstriped beadboard in alternating black and white. Other commonly used decorative beadboards include raised paneling, recessed paneling, and many others. Unlike typical beadboards, these make use of squares rather than planked stripes, creating calming shapes that often compliment the patterns on adjacent doorways and windowsills.

Depending on your personal tastes, your wainscot decorating can be simple or ornate. Don’t be afraid to be bold. For example, using a dark, solid color with your wainscot and beadboard combined with a festive, ornate wallpaper along the wall above the wainscoting is a beautiful and effective way to bring all of the colors in your room into a harmonious whole. However, there is something to be said for the uniform all white rooms that simply experiment with the subtle, yet elegant shapes the wainscot creates.

Learn more today about how wainscot can transform your rooms. You’ll be surprised at just how much difference they can make when it comes to drawing the eye to paintings and other fixtures. Additionally a wainscot is also useful for arranging furniture as well. The more you experiment, the more uses you will find for this innovative decorative technique.