Wainscoting Ideas

Are you stuck on how to decorate your home? Do you wish you could create a truly eye catching space that will bring your other decorating endeavors into a collective, harmonic whole? If so, here are a few wainscoting ideas to help make your room uniquely charming.

When it comes to wainscoting ideas, there are thousands of different possibilities. From wainscoting ideas for basements to wainscoting ideas for dining rooms.┬áIt all depends on your budget, your personal tastes, and existing decorative elements. Wainscoting splits the room horizontally, allowing you two sections to decorate rather than just one. This allows you to experiment with color, texture, and contrast in ways that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Whether you’re decorating your own home or you’re planning the designs for a business such as a restaurant, a hotel, or even a hospital, wainscoting can create lots of different looks, from professional to wonderfully artistic. For example, if you want something a bit eclectic, try installing a mahogany wainscot with a black and white pinstriped bead board. You can finish the look by painting the upper portion of the wall a solid color depending on your preferences. Given the black and white, almost any color will work beautifully.

Other wainscoting ideas involve experimenting with texture rather than color and contrast. For example, if you already have window sills and doorways that are textured, why not arrange the wainscoting to match? This means that even if the entire room is painted white, you still have an interesting array of shape and pattern to draw the eye. You don’t necessarily have to use traditional vertical bead board planks either; recessed, raised, and embossed panels are all popular additions for creating a subtle, interesting texture.

These are only a few wainscoting ideas to consider. By planning carefully, you can create the perfect look for hallways, offices, foyers, dining areas, and more. Depending on the material you use, wainscoting can also be protective for your walls as well, especially for high traffic spots such as hallways, bedrooms, foyers, and stairwells. For such cases, vinyl wainscoting is a prized material due to its scratch proof, stain proof, fade proof exterior. However, as it is very expensive, it will behoove you to have a professional install this to prevent any costly mistakes. Learn more about how these ideas can turn your home or business into a truly beautiful place! There are plenty of wainscoting pictures on the web to give ideas to start. You’ll be surprised at just how much this simple technique can accomplish.