Wainscoting Panels

Whether you are planning on redecorating your home or you want to create an entirely new look for a future home, the use of wainscoting can do wonders for making a diverse assortment of different moods and looks. For example wainscoting panels are great for lending depth and dimension to any room. Here are a few ways you can use wainscoting to beautify your home.

What is wainscoting? Essentially, it’s a popular form of decorating that involves using molds to bisect the room horizontally. This gives you two different sections to decorate: the upper wall and the lower wall. Some prefer using beadboard designs, which are specifically measured rectangular planks of wood, vinyl, ceramic, or other materials arranged in a ribbed pattern. When it comes to choosing wainscoting panels such as these, it’s a good idea to learn more about the materials you’re choosing in a practical sense as well.

For example, there are plenty of wainscoting panels made of a variety of different types of wood, from pine to mahogany. This results in a wide assortment of warm, natural hues that only wood can truly provide. However, wood is not impervious to scratches, staining, or watermarks, making them poor materials for busier areas of your home, such as hallways, foyers, bedrooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. While smaller scratches can be gently buffed away, larger ones may be permanent. In addition to this, there is also polishing and staining and other forms of upkeep to worry about. For this reason, wooden wainscoting panels are best for more formal areas such as office, libraries, or living rooms.

If you’re looking for wainscoting panels that are both attractive and durable, vinyl materials are an ideal choice for many, albeit expensive. However, since this durable plastic is nonabsorbent, it is less likely to stain or have water marks. Its naturally tough surface also makes it formidable against even large scratches. Thus, is is a particularly nice material for bathrooms and kitchens, where accidents are more likely to occur.

Other wainscoting panels include recessed panels, raised panels, and even embossed panels. Rather than using the vertical ribbing pattern of beadboards, these rely of square patterns. While not ideal for every room, they are great for hallways, foyers, and display areas. Their simple, repeated pattern is a subtle, elegant addition to the room. To learn more you can also check out wainscoting pictures to give you a feel of what the end result can look like. You’ll be surprised at just how much they can add to your home.