Wainscotting is rapidly becoming a very popular decorative technique. While it may look simple, it actually serves a variety of different purposes. Here are a few ways using this method can beautify your home or business.

Wainscotting, to put it simply, is when the room is bisected horizontally by the use of a small, curved ledge. These can range from simple to ornately carved. They come in several different materials as well, including hardwoods, ceramics, vinyl, and more. In splitting the room this way, you can create a wide assortment of different looks and moods.

The area beneath the wainscotting is known as the bead board. This often consists of the same material as the wainscot cut into planks that span from the floor to the ledge, though in many cases it can also be made of different materials as well. You can also experiment with different patterns and textures by using raised, recessed, and embossed panels if vertical planks aren’t for you. Along with being highly decorative, the bead board is also useful for protecting the wall as well. This is especially useful for busier areas of the home, such as hallways, corridors, foyers, and bedrooms.

What sort of decorative techniques can you accomplish with wainscotting? If you want to create an intimate, cozy space, using woods such as cedar, cherry, or pine for the wainscotting and beadboard is a wonderful way to create a warm, natural look. Vinyl is also prized as a material for this due to its wide range of colors and durability. Create a dramatic pinstriped look to draw the eye or have the bead board and wainscotting be one uniform color for a formal look. An advantage to having only one color is that you are free to focus on the patterns and shapes the wainscotting creates rather than just how the color contrasts and compliments the upper half of the wall. You can even arrange it to match adjacent doorways and windows.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why wainscotting is a great way to add depth and dimension to any room. When it comes to installing wainscotting, oftentimes it doesn’t take longer than a day or two. Many homeowners are content to do it themselves and save themselves a dollar or two. However, if you are working with very expensive materials, such as vinyl or exotic hardwoods, you may want to hire a company to install it for you. Learn more today!