Wood Wall Panels

Wood wall panels are used to create a variety of different styles and effects. Whether you want to create a warm, welcoming space or create a look of timeless beauty and formal elegance, wood remains one of the most popular materials for interior decorating. However, when it comes to picking out the right type of wood, your budget and personal taste can help narrow down your choices. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Are you thinking of redecorating your library or home office? If so, wood wall panels are a great start for establishing a comfortable, yet formal look. There is nothing quite like combining the classic dark beauty of mahogany with deep reds and greens. Whether you choose to use a beadboard or simply wooden paneling, you will be able to create a look of quality as well as beauty.

However, if mahogany isn’t suitable or is too expensive, there are plenty of other types of wood wall panels to consider. Hardwoods such as cedar, maple, rosewood, cherry, and several others are all perfect for creating a variety of complex shades and textures for your paneling. Not only do these woods lend a sense of natural warmth, but they’re also resilient enough to be used in rooms and corridors with higher traffic. Keep in mind that many wood wall panels are also used as a protective measure for the lower half of the wall as well as an aesthetic technique.

Wood wall panels don’t typically require a lot of upkeep. Every so often it may behoove you to polish them or apply a coat of protective sealant if you plan on using it in damp or steamy areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, but this sort of maintenance is only required once every few months or so.

If you’re set on saving money, you could try using drywall that has been altered to resemble fancier woods. In the long run there is nothing truly wrong with using wood wall panels of this nature, though it goes without saying that it would be significantly less resilient than true hardwoods. However with regular maintenance, drywall is an affordable alternative that will do in a pinch.

Finally, if you’re unfamiliar with the installation process of wood wall panels, don’t be afraid to leave it to the professionals. While this may get a bit pricey, it’s more than worth it in the long run to get it done right the first time than it is to make costly mistakes. Learn more today about how wood wall panels can lend beauty and charm to your home!